eDrinks Social Responsibilities 

Safe & Responsible Drinking

eDrinks is committed to promoting safe and responsible drinking, and the enjoyment of everyone in the pub. When using our app to reconnect with your local, or you friends, we’d like you to respect others around you, and enjoy your drink!  products to suit their tastes. 

If you notice someone acting antisocially or irresponsibly via any of the eDrinks apps, or you suspect someone using our apps is abusing the privilege of reimagine social drinks, please let us know. 


Social Diversity & Equality


As part of reimagining social drinking, eDrinks is proud to champion diversity and inclusion. We recognise and embrace the social responsibility our platform demands in promoting tolerance and friendship between peoples of all races, cultures, beliefs and sexual orientation.


That’s why, during sign up, we give users multiple options for the information they share with us – including the choice to not disclose certain information at all. All data collected via our app is used solely to improve your drinking experience, and never to promote prejudice or unfair bias.

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