Proud to Support Pride

Since the very beginning, eDrinks’ ethos has centred on bringing people together, and sharing the love. So of course, when it comes to June, we stand by the side of everyone celebrating Pride month.

As a platform driven by social interactions and inclusivity, we’re proud to welcome users from every colour of society’s rainbow. We’re in awe of the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made over the years, and keen to play our small part in driving that sense of inclusivity and celebration forwards!

That’s why we’ve introduced a special ‘Pride Pint’ for June. 10% of the funds from each of these drinks purchased will be donated to Stonewall UK, supporting their cause to create a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be.

We’ve worked hard to make our app a welcoming place for everyone, but if there’s anything you think we could do better, we’d love to hear your thoughts. It’s all part of that learning and growing journey we’ve committed to in support of the bigger cause.

We also want to acknowledge the important role LGBTQ+ communities have played in the history of the hospitality industry worldwide. Without any doubt, our licensed trade would be much poorer were it not for queer pioneers and trailblazers unleashing new attitudes to creativity and community on the world.

So this June, we’ll be raising our Pride Pints to the LGBTQ+ hospitality community. Thanks guys – who knows if we’d be here without you.

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