Beer garden stereotypes

Summer is here, and that means one thing and one thing only. It’s officially British beer garden season! To help you navigate the picnic benches and parasols, we’ve compiled a list of 10 stereotypes you’ll encounter this summer…

The “LADS LADS LADS” Lager One

Loud, proud, and reliving Magaluf 2012 at every possible opportunity. This is the mate you want around to cheerlead you through those first few drinks like a pro.

The “Caesar Salad, holding the dressing” Voddy & Slimline One

In the garden for the sun, less so the fun. A dark horse, this person might look like a fashionista, but they’ve got the drinking stamina of a Russian sailor.

The “I don’t like the taste of alcohol” Fruit Cider One

Admirably unashamed of their immature palate. This person’s drinks disappear fast than you can say “dark fruits”. Prone to brain freeze. Big fan of “sweeties”.

The “I will judge you” White Wine One

Definitely think they’re classy. Potentially are. Mortally offended by adding ice to wine, unless they’re “feeling naughty” – in which case, may be persuaded to even add a splash of soda.


A bold drink for a bold personality. A little tart, but strangely lovable. The fact this drink comes in a goblet makes it all the more perfect for the social royalty they are.

The “only got it for the Boomerang” Spritz One

Big glass? Check. Big sunnies? Check. Big group cheersing with their phones out? Check. This is big drink energy, and we’re here for it.

The “summer is torture” Red Wine One

Former goth/new romantic/emo. Frequent trips inside to top up the juke box. First time in the sun since pre-pandemic times, meaning they have a weirdly ethereal glow.

The “f**k it! Let’s get some bubbly!” Prosecco one

Living that champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. A pro at removing the cork with minimal effort but plenty of theatre. Almost certainly does amateur dramatics in their spare time.

The “did I tell you I work in a bar?” Fancy Cocktail One

Insufferable know-it-all about everything pub-related. Eternally indecisive. Do they stick to dark spirits, or should they mix it up with the next drink? Do we care?

The “I’m big on Insta” No&Lo One

Aspiring fitness guru. More than slightly smug. Almost definitely wearing leggings.

Any of these remind you of a friend? Why not send them an eDrink to let them know they’re on your mind.

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