eDrinks for Brands

Our unique eDrinks tech is as much about driving new footfall and customers to bars, as it is about consumer convenience. We’re on a mission to replace every birthday card sent, every anniversary flower purchased, with a drink at the bar, profit in the outlet’s pocket, and a new app user in-venue and ready to order another drink.


We’re your digital solution for:

  • Driving brand awareness

  • Increasing footfall to target venues 

  • Promoting liquid on lips opportunities

  • Increased sales 

  • Development of brand-owned apps


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We can also partner with you on in-app advertising, product promotions and launches, festivals and events, drinks vouchers, and hassle free white-labelled activation apps.

In short, however you want to connect your brand with consumers, we can help.


All eDrinks apps are driven by data, giving you access to our extensive user base plus in-depth post-campaign analytical data. 


In-app advertising: 

There are multiple branding opportunities throughout the eDrinks user journey. From a fully skinned takeover, to pop-ups or push notifications, our tech puts your unique messaging and product in front of consumers before, during, and after their visit to the on-trade. 


Promotions and launches: 

Step up your direct to consumer marketing with easily-implemented offers and promotions. We’ll work with you to launch products and engage liquid to lips, or drive footfall to a halo account. All promotions can be targeted to your ideal consumer, or distributed across the full eDrinks platform for mass awareness. 


Festivals & Events: 

eDrinks can be used as your festival or event currency, establishing an easy cashless transaction system for retailers/exhibitors, and consumers. We can even build your full event app – including guides/programmes, push-notifications for festival info, and social integration – to create a seamless user experience with impact.



Every solution at eDrinks gives you access to our user base, with the functionality to tailor and target your campaigns using data-driven intelligence. As well as the ability to target based on consumer demographics, we can also use insights into previous behaviour and habits within the app.